When you look into the mirror are you happy with what you see?

Does your inner beauty radiate to the outside and make you look beautiful in other people’s eyes?

What is inner and outer beauty anyway?

A happy and content person with a big smile on the face will look beautiful and people will be drawn to that person. Happiness is contagious. People love to be around somebody who loves life.

Therefore image has to address inner and outer beauty at the same time to achieve lasting results.

People form an opinion about you in mere seconds when they meet you for the first time. It is in your best interest to leave a positive and confident impression. When your outer appearance is smooth and subtle people are able to concentrate on what you have to say. If your outer appearance shows neglect or bad styling people will concentrate on the flaws and your words will be lost.

A great image can be achieved at any age and with any budget.  Your closet probably has hidden treasures which just wait to be discovered. Often when combining clothing in a different way a more elegant look can be achieved. Using colors to your advantage is yet another way to change up your look. A huge wardrobe full of designer clothing is not needed to achieve a striking and confident image.

Quality instead of quantity!

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020

“We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.”   –   Qwatsinas – Chief Edward Moody, Nuxalk Nation

Our planet is in bad shape and if we want the remaining natural beauty left for our children and generations to come, we must actively make a change. Every year animals and plants go extinct. We all have to help by making necessary changes happen. Every positive change helps…

Living a more conscious and natural life is not difficult to do. Not only will it aesthetically enrich your life; it will also save you money in the long run.

Recycling, organic food and cosmetics, shopping with the environment in mind, decluttering your home and office, and nontoxic cleaning are just a few examples of what can be done.

Don’t be passive any longer. Act now for our planet earth.

Let’s get started!

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020