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Der Phoenix steht in hellen Flammen und verbrennt. Nach Erlöschen der Flammen bleibt ein Ei im Nest zurück, aus dem wenig später ein neuer, prächtiger Phoenix schlüpft. Der Phoenix ist ein Fabelwesen und ein Symbol der Unsterblichkeit.

Viele Unternehmer*Innen mögen sich gerade wie ein Phoenix fühlen, der lichterloh verbrennt. Das Jahr 2020 hat mit Zuversicht, Freude und Erwartung begonnen. Man hat bereits viel Zeit, Geld, Kraft und Energie investiert. Die Vorbereitungsphase war produktiv und die ersten Aufträge waren in Sicht. Dann plötzlich ein Streichholz und ein Funke. Alles stand in Flammen. Man konnte nur noch zusehen, wie alles um einen herum sich in Asche verwandelt. Tatenlos muss man erfahren, wie ein Halm nach dem anderen sich in Nichts auflöst.

„Jede Krise ist auch eine Chance!“ – das sagt sich so leicht. Aber wenn man vor den rauchenden Trümmern seiner Arbeit steht, verläßt einen erst einmal der Mut. Traurigkeit wird anscheinend übermächtig. Man darf sich selbst Zeit zum Trauern geben, zum Weinen und zum Verzweifeln. Nein, man muss es sogar. Diese Gefühle brauchen ihren Raum und wollen gelebt werden. Erst wenn diese Gefühle verraucht sind, ist Platz für das Neue. Dann kann man sich wieder seiner Vision zuwenden und sich erinnern, warum man sich eigentlich selbstständig gemacht hat. Man findet  die Kraft, Stärke und Zuversicht von vorne zu beginnen. Der Gedanke an die eigene Vision ist mächtig und verleiht die Flügel, die man für seine Motivation braucht. Denn motivieren muss man sich als Selbstständige*r von innen heraus.

Selbstmotivation ist eine der wichtigsten Fähigkeiten, die man als Unternehmer*In braucht. Es gibt viele Arten sich zu motivieren. Hier sind drei Tipps, die sich schnell und gut umsetzen lassen:

  1. Bilder sagen mehr als tausend Worte. Es muss nicht immer ein Visionboard sein, das sinnbildlich für die Vision steht. Manchmal reicht auch schon ein kleiner Gegenstand wie ein Stein oder eine Figur, die man vor sich auf den Schreibtisch stellen kann. Einen Stein kann man auch gut in der Tasche tragen und in die Hand nehmen, wenn man einen Motivationsschub braucht.
  2. Einen Mentor*In zu haben hat viele Vorteile. Man bekommt nicht nur wertvolles Feedback, sondern hat auch jemanden, der einem den Rücken stärkt und sicherstellt, dass Ziele fristgerecht erreicht werden.
  3. Wennn Ziele in Teilschritte untergliedert werden, ist die Motivation größer, die Arbeit zu vollenden. Die Projekte werden dadurch überschaubar und lassen sich gut in zeitliche Abschnitte einteilen. Eine tägliche To-Do-Liste ist dabei unabkömmlich. Somit wird effektives und effizientes Arbeiten möglich, was wiederum für wichtige Erfolgserlebnisse sorgt.

Mit der neu gewonnenen Motivation kommt dann der Moment, wenn der Unternehmer*In sich als Ei im Nest findet und als neuer, prächtiger Phoenix wiedergeboren wird. Und fliegt… seiner/ihrer Vision und Selbstständigkeit entgegen.

When you look into the mirror are you happy with what you see?

Does your inner beauty radiate to the outside and make you look beautiful in other people’s eyes?

What is inner and outer beauty anyway?

A happy and content person with a big smile on the face will look beautiful and people will be drawn to that person. Happiness is contagious. People love to be around somebody who loves life.

Therefore image has to address inner and outer beauty at the same time to achieve lasting results.

People form an opinion about you in mere seconds when they meet you for the first time. It is in your best interest to leave a positive and confident impression. When your outer appearance is smooth and subtle people are able to concentrate on what you have to say. If your outer appearance shows neglect or bad styling people will concentrate on the flaws and your words will be lost.

A great image can be achieved at any age and with any budget.  Your closet probably has hidden treasures which just wait to be discovered. Often when combining clothing in a different way a more elegant look can be achieved. Using colors to your advantage is yet another way to change up your look. A huge wardrobe full of designer clothing is not needed to achieve a striking and confident image.

Quality instead of quantity!

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020

Imagine you are bringing a new friend to your home for the first time. On the way there, you are trying to have a nice conversation with them, but you cannot concentrate on the topic at hand. Your mind skips ahead as you wonder about the dirty dishes in the sink, magazines piled high, laundry on the floor, and the unmade bed. Do you think your friend will want to visit again?

Your home should be a reflection of you.

Is it?

Take action!

Learn easy organizing techniques for a clean home that show off some of your inner beauty.

Organizing techniques will also help you at work. Coming to a well-organized work space in the morning will help you to feel in control and reduce stress. It will be easier to meet deadlines and your clients will be impressed with your work.

Organizing is a skill which can be easily learned and achieved. You learn the skills to organize your life and  enjoy the process.  The motto is “Learning by doing in a fun way”.

An organized life is a more balanced and peaceful life. With less clutter in your home, at work and on your mind, life will be more manageable and less stressful. Simplicity is the key. With greater focus on the most important aspects of your life, valuable time frees up to live the life you always wanted. Happiness is achieved by giving your priorities the place they deserve.

Minimalism. Quality instead of quantity!

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020

“We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.”   –   Qwatsinas – Chief Edward Moody, Nuxalk Nation

Our planet is in bad shape and if we want the remaining natural beauty left for our children and generations to come, we must actively make a change. Every year animals and plants go extinct. We all have to help by making necessary changes happen. Every positive change helps…

Living a more conscious and natural life is not difficult to do. Not only will it aesthetically enrich your life; it will also save you money in the long run.

Recycling, organic food and cosmetics, shopping with the environment in mind, decluttering your home and office, and nontoxic cleaning are just a few examples of what can be done.

Don’t be passive any longer. Act now for our planet earth.

Let’s get started!

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020

Happiness is a very powerful word.

Happiness is something we all desire, yet it is often said to be difficult to achieve.

But is it really?

Happiness is achieved in living a well-rounded life. Harmony, self-acceptance, fostering positive relationships, being a part in something bigger and making a difference are important stepping stones on our journey to happiness.

It starts in our homes. Having a balanced, peaceful and warm place to call home will give us the safe haven we are looking for. Life will be less stressful and crazy if we have a home that gives us comfort and safety. Less clutter and prioritized responsibilities will free up valuable time we can use to live the life we want to live. Simplicity is the key! In looking at our lives and making everything less complicated and complex so much more freedom will be there for us.

Self-acceptance is often based on our self-image. Exercise and a healthy diet can certainly help. When we feel comfortable in our skin and in our clothes our happiness will increase. One benefit of hiring a trainer is that you have someone in your corner to help you set goals and follow up on your progress. The motivation will be a lot higher than without this support system.

“A great relationship is like bread. It needs to be baked new every single day.”

Meeting people and developing new relationships into strong long-term ones is a daunting task for many. It takes effort and time to have a strong social circle. Studies list social relationships as a primary reason for happiness. Excellent social skills and etiquette will make it a lot easier and more enjoyable for everybody involved to build great relationships from the relationships we have with clients to our friends to dating and marriage.

Giving back and being a part of something bigger will give us the fulfillment of being connected with others and our planet. Any kind of kind gesture, charity or donation will make a difference. Kindness has a ripple effect. When we are kind to others, they will be kind to others and so on. It will make our world a better and friendlier place to live in.

Living in style is within your reach! Act now!

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020

Movies, TV, social media and video games are not examples of good etiquette. Bad language, rude comments, bullying and a lack of manners are all around our children and teens.

Since children interact through social media with their friends and spend lots of time in front of the TV, learning good social skills is more important than ever.

Aside from good manners (for example table manners, “magic words”, introductions…), etiquette will provide essential skills in how to build relationships at home, in school and with their friends. Maintaining good relationships with parents, teachers, friends and others will become a lot easier and more fulfilling.

Once children grow into being teens their social schedule will grow exponentially. Field trips, school dances, the Prom, are just a few examples of opportunities for social interaction. School dances come with their own set of etiquette rules. “What shall I wear?”, “Who is paying for what?”, “Do I have to dance?”


Take the stress out of these events and participate in my special class “Prom-tastic!”. We will practice proper etiquette and also learn the basics of Social Dancing. You will gain the skills to approach school dances in a confident way and you will look your best!


Available modules:

  • Table manners
  • The power of words
  • Social Media and Email Etiquette
  • Etiquette at home with your family
  • Etiquette at school
  • Etiquette with your friends
  • Travelling around the world
  • Special occasions
  • “Prom-tastic!” – getting ready for your Prom
  • Image consulting and Hygiene
  • Organizing for teens
  • The brilliant and confident “You”

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020

“There is only one happiness in life… To love and to be loved”    –   George Sand


Finding love and a wonderful person to be with doesn’t have to be a dream. With many relationships and marriages often ending in divorce, our society clearly needs a new path. It is time to redefine what it means to be in a relationship.

Often, people make a mistake thinking “They are okay and they will change into my dream person because they love me”. If that sounds familiar, you are in for a rude awakening. People rarely change. Instead, why not look for the person of your dreams right away? Don’t settle for “good” when you can have “great”.

”Like attracts like” – To find the person of my dreams I first have to become that person myself.

All of us have a frequency like a radio. To listen to a certain station, we have to find the right frequency. For example, if one of the attributes you are looking for is kindness, you should be kind yourself. You must attune yourself to the same frequency of your dream partner.

Etiquette plays a vital role in this kind of relationship building. It does not matter if you are dating or if you are already in a relationship. If you don’t know how to interact with others, people will be distracted by your behavior and you will miss the chance to let your personality shine. Proper etiquette allows others to focus on the qualities you wish to exude.

When you go and meet people, it is important to know appropriate behavior.  “Who pays on the first date”, “Do I ask before I touch or kiss someone?”, “Is it okay to kiss in public?” These are important questions and you should certainly know the most graceful way to handle these situations.

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020


“Carpe diem”

Since childhood I have loved these words. They contain so much power, beauty and wisdom. “Carpe diem” is Latin and translates to “Seize the day”. To me, these words are a reminder to make the best of each day and to be the best person I can possibly be. As a role model, I want to inspire and enrich the lives of others.

Happiness is a journey and not a goal. It is a journey full of surprises and adventures. There is sunshine and there is rain. But in the end it is all worth it. I believe that happiness is possible for everybody and in achieving happiness our world will be a better and more peaceful place to live in.

Strong social relationships are the number one source of happiness in humans.

Most of us love to be around and with others. So why don’t we perfect our social skills and find happiness on the way?

In the German language we have the expression“ feiner Herr”(perfect gentleman) and “elegante Dame” (elegant lady) which mean that a person has mastered social graces. Whatever the situation, you will know how to handle yourself gracefully and with dignity. Social graces comprise etiquette,  good manners, poise, posture, social dancing, image and the skill of conversation.

Social grace is the sum of good manners and behavior to make human interactions smooth and pleasant. Consideration, Trust, Respect, Truth, Fairness are cherished values and principles exemplified through good etiquette. They are essential for a friendly and peaceful world.

Good relationships will make you happier and feel more accepted. Isn’t it wonderful to make somebody else smile? How do you feel when someone else is nice to you? Soft skills will help you interact with others in a better and more successful way and are a gateway to a more fulfilled and enriched life. They are the foundation for building excellent relationships with others.

“Seize the day” and enjoy your journey through life!

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020


Time – Wouldn’t you love to have more of it?


Since a day only has 24 hours, effective planning is essential. Graceful Time Management has many benefits like achieving short and long-term goals, prevention of stress and burn-out-syndrome, spending more time with family and friends, and finding time for personal development. Let me help you make the best use of your time.

Many stressful situations can be avoided with the right planning, resulting in more enjoyable and better quality life.

Excellent time management skills will help you by freeing up time to do the things you love. When I started to work after college, my wonderful dad gave me the following advice: “We don’t live to work, we work to live”. Graceful Time Management is about finding balance.  Having the skill to schedule your day, your responsibilities and activities will put more “life” into your life!

Carpe diem!

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020