“There is only one happiness in life… To love and to be loved”    –   George Sand


Finding love and a wonderful person to be with doesn’t have to be a dream. With many relationships and marriages often ending in divorce, our society clearly needs a new path. It is time to redefine what it means to be in a relationship.

Often, people make a mistake thinking “They are okay and they will change into my dream person because they love me”. If that sounds familiar, you are in for a rude awakening. People rarely change. Instead, why not look for the person of your dreams right away? Don’t settle for “good” when you can have “great”.

”Like attracts like” – To find the person of my dreams I first have to become that person myself.

All of us have a frequency like a radio. To listen to a certain station, we have to find the right frequency. For example, if one of the attributes you are looking for is kindness, you should be kind yourself. You must attune yourself to the same frequency of your dream partner.

Etiquette plays a vital role in this kind of relationship building. It does not matter if you are dating or if you are already in a relationship. If you don’t know how to interact with others, people will be distracted by your behavior and you will miss the chance to let your personality shine. Proper etiquette allows others to focus on the qualities you wish to exude.

When you go and meet people, it is important to know appropriate behavior.  “Who pays on the first date”, “Do I ask before I touch or kiss someone?”, “Is it okay to kiss in public?” These are important questions and you should certainly know the most graceful way to handle these situations.

Marietta Stuhlfelder, 2020